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Music video made for Cavetown's single 'sharpener'

Warner Records, USA, Aug. 2020-Sep. 2020

Role: Direction, Story and Concept

Extremely happy to work with @, and make the music video for "Sharpener". I appreciate Robin very much for giving me a lot of creative space, a very warm and sweet kid with god kissed voice. This is a really touching song, I strongly recommend it to everyone and hope you all can be embraced in darkness.

When I got this song, every lyric was hitting some of the deepest parts of my heart. The story described in the song is too real and touching, and it also took me back to those dark times, countless images flashed in my mind. But when I built the story,  I made a new change in the style of it, bright colours and cuter characters, rather than my previous style. I don't want to make this song become too heavy, hoping to bring a warm light in the dark.

Every time the tube was passing by,  I wanted to touch it. I always felt that pink bubbles or rainbows would splash. This picture has been repeated in my mind for many years, and it is constantly clear. When I got this song, I thought, there is no better time to make this scene than this. Although I didn't fully present the beautiful scene in my mind to the video, but I tried my best to make it.

In the last scene, I put some personal wishes inside. I sincerely hope that Robin and everyone can be embraced even in the darkness. And I will embrace each of you.

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