Qiu is an independent animation filmmaker born in China, and she lives in Amsterdam now. Most of her films explore the inner world and dreams. 

Besides filmmaking, she also works with illustration, sculpture, installation art, doll making, graphic design, and photography.  


2019 Graduated from Royal College of Art, experimental animation.

2016-2017 Study at Central Saint Martins.

2015 Graduated from East China Normal University.





'Where am I?'(4'16)——2019-2020           Film and Installation

'Deep dream’(2’32)——October 2018

‘A4 paper’(1’57)——December 2017

‘Where baby comes from?’(0’37)——December 2017 

'I AM NOT OVER 18!' (1’10)——This is a documentary animation work for Children’s Society. Showed in Regent Street Cinema in 2017 

‘Who saw my seat?’ (2’50)——2016