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Papercut stop-motion film

Advertising video for Kohler, China

Role: Assistant Director, Core Animator

Participated in a group production of a promotional video for Kohler China.

As an assistant director, I involved in all parts of the animation and led the different teams in video production.

Assisted in the post-production process, including finalizing storyboards, composing animatics for clients.


In the charge of on-site filming, worked in group and made stop-motion animation with laser-cut papercut characters.


Worked as the leading production designer, designed costumes, and background settings.

Production process


In the production of this stop-motion animation, almost all the characters and actions were acted and shot by our team. After that, we edited these large amounts of materials with photoshop and illustrator to leave the outlines of the characters.

These characters were printed by laser-cut and became sheets of human figures. Then we shot them frame by frame as an animation.

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